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After the murder of Jina (Mahsa) Amini on September 16, 2022, by the morality police in Iran, nationwide protests/quasi-revolution broke out. Tens of thousands of people were arrested during the demonstrations, over 500 individuals, mostly young people, were killed, and many protesters were brutally injured, with some even blinded by direct shots to the eyes.

In response to the situation, we (some medical professionals, pharmacists, and political activists based in Germany) decided to organize adequate emergency aid for the wounded and their families.

Also you can learn more about our activities on our YouTube Chanel and also by subscribing and supporting us on YouTube you will help us to collect more and more

By becoming a member of the association, help us in the fight to protect and expand human rights, because only by being together we can create a better tomorrow and give a better world to

We have set up a store to support the damage of the movement’s point of view and create an opportunity for those who have lost their jobs for any reason

To support the movement of women, life, freedom and to support our fellow soldiers in Iran, you can join the campaign of 2 euros a month for a free Iran. So that we can support our movement together.

Support your fellow man

Support for the protest's injured

Financial aid for the injured
3 Monthly
  • Helping the wounded of the movement
  • Paying for treatment
  • Disability allowance
  • Grants to support families

Support for prisoners

Financial aid for prisoners
2 Monthly
  • Send money to the prisoner
  • Financial support for their families
  • Paying a lawyer if needed
  • Paying for medicine and treatment

Support for refugees

Financial aid for refugees
1.5 Monthly
  • Payment of accommodation
  • Clothing and toys for immigrant children
  • Payment of medical expenses
  • Supporting the education of migrant children

Our activities

Why democracy?
Why human rights?

A project in line with the fight against the growth of extreme right movements in Germany.

7 winters in Tehran

The movie 7 Winters in Tehran is a story about the memory of Reyhane Jabari and her mother Sholeh Pakravan.

Summer Camp 2024

This project will be held with the aim of spreading peace in the Middle East....

Campaign to help fellow human beings

It is an attempt to support those who need our help to survive.

Clothing donation campaign

The aim of this campaign is to send warm clothes to the refugees.

Planting trees

The aim of this project is to create a grove named after the martyrs of the freedom path.


The purpose of this project is to create conditions for educating children.

What percentage of your payments is spent to support the needy?

According to the law, associations should spend up to 85% of their income in line with their goals and only 15% of the association’s income should be used for salaries or current expenses of the association.

Currently, we spend all the income of the association for the purposes of the association. However, in case of an increase in the amount of aid and the need to increase the force, only 15% of the income will be spent on personnel salaries and the remaining 85% will be spent in line with the goals of the association.

Ehsan Abri

Member of the Central Committee

DR.Jennat Heidarpoor

Member of the Central Committee

Ehsan Hakimi

Member of the Central Committee

Dr. Mohammd Reza Sargozai

Member of the Central Committee

Salome Vaziri

Member of the Central Committee


Member of the Central Committee

Rokhsaneh Valliey

Member of the Central Committee

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