Why democracy? Why human rights?

Unfortunately, in Europe and especially in Germany, extreme right-wing currents are growing and it is expected that they will be able to acquire more votes in the coming years.

The risk of the growth of these extreme currents is very worrying for many people and especially political activists.

We at the Action for Human Rights Association decided to join the project (Why Human Rights, Why Democracy?) in order to fight against extreme right movements in Germany together with other political and social activists.

The Why Human Rights, Why Democracy project, which will start its work in the schools of Schleswig-Holstein province in Germany from October 2023, is an effort by Iranian political and social activists to convey their experiences of living in a dictatorial country and the lack of freedoms that cause These people live in exile today.

After that, we will go to the Neuengamme memorial center to make our audience aware of the danger of the growth of extremist currents in Europe, especially in Germany, by referring to the history of Germany.

This project is funded by the Crit Future Association and the Schleswig-Holstein Center for the Promotion of Democracy.

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