The Resilience House project

The Resilience House project, aimed at assisting human rights activists and survivors of the women life freedom’s movement, began its work shortly after the onset of popular protests following the governmental killing of Mahsa-Jina Amini.

In response to the widespread repression and numerous arrests by the Iranian government in response to the people’s protests, some Iranian psychotherapists and psychiatrists living abroad have taken it upon themselves to launch the Resilience House project. Their goal is to support recently released human rights activists and individuals who have been harmed, tortured, or lost a family member by providing immediate assistance.

Today, a year and a half after the start of this project, we have endeavored to organize the assistance process as efficiently as possible. By establishing various departments and seeking assistance from various organizations and associations, our primary aim is to provide the best possible assistance and prepare a more cohesive team for the next wave of protests that will follow. We aim to better serve the needs of the dear survivors in the next round of protests.

New Project Work Structure:

We have created conditions to assist individuals with the following circumstances:

1. Human Rights Activists: Individuals who have been imprisoned and tortured due to their human rights activities can contact us. We provide them with conditions to receive treatment in a completely safe environment.

2. Movement Survivors: Individuals who have been physically or mentally harmed by the government and need counseling and therapy with our counselors for their recovery.

3. Families of Victims: Individuals who have lost a family member in the recent protests.

You can contact us for more information.

WhatsApp Number:



A report on the performance of the project has been published and made available to the public in the form of a book (PDF) and (audio book of Farsi) written by Dr. Sargolzaei.



World organization against torture has taken over the cost of the treatment of human rights activists who were recently released from prison and need recovery from 05/01/2024.

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