"let's be their shelter in a cold season."


The Mahsa’s house project aims to provide housing for homeless refugees. Since this project currently lacks any sponsors, we request that you allocate a monthly amount to support this project.

Many refugees are homeless in countries like Turkey and Greece. Unfortunately, the governments of Turkey and Greece also refrain from providing suitable accommodations for refugees. Therefore, we are striving to invite all individuals willing to support refugees to participate in a campaign. By joining this campaign, you can assist us in covering the financial costs of renting houses in Turkey and Greece for refugees.

You can support the (Mahsa’s house project) by visiting the Action for Humanity’s website and signing up for a monthly membership of 5 euros. 

“All reports regarding rented houses will be visible on this page.”



“We can issue receipts for donations from January 1, 2024, for residents of Germany to deduct their Donations from their taxes. Please contact us to receive a receipt.”

E-Mail: info(at)action-for-humanity.org


Aktion für menschenrechte e.V.




Spende für Mahsa Projekt 

Project progress report

House No1

House No 1 Number of rooms: 4 rooms Capacity: 8 people Monthly rent: 9 thousand liras, equal to 300 euros With your kind support, we

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