The expenses needed to support this family were provided and you can read and see the progress of the work here.


Unfortunately, the house of one of the political prisoners from Sistan and Baluchistan was destroyed. While the breadwinner of the family is in prison, his wife and child live in a tent.
About 7 million Tomans are needed for the reconstruction of the house and also a little living allowance, which according to the daily rate of Euros, by collecting 145 Euros, we can support the family of our fellow soldiers in Darband.
We request you to help us in order to help the family of this prisoner.

work report :

On Saturday, February 4th, we found out that the house of one of our soldiers in Darband Baluchistan was destroyed and his wife and child are living in a tent.

Our friends provided the necessary measures for the temporary accommodation of this family in a room and from Sunday this family will live in a room provided to them until the complete reconstruction of their house.

The necessary estimates for the reconstruction of the house showed that an amount equal to 7 million Tomans is needed.

Fortunately, a friend from Germany, after seeing our appeal, deposited 200 Euros into the account of the Human Rights Activist Association, which was deposited into the account of our activists according to the Euro equivalent rate (8 million 900 thousand tomans) in Iran. We were able to get a heater and a gas cylinder to heat the room where the family is currently staying, worth 1,800,000 Tomans.

Also, an amount of 4 million 100 thousand Tomans was deposited for the preparation of blocks and cement.

A sum of money was also given to the family for living, and 3 million Tomans were also set aside for the cost of workers and the purchase of some household appliances that were damaged.

On Monday, February 6, the wall painting of the house started and it is hoped that it will be finished in the next one to two days.

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