To save Hassan Firouzi's life
This campaign was successfully completed

Hasan Firouzi was arrested on November 5, 1401 by the forces of the Islamic Republic and suffered the most severe mental and emotional tortures. He, who was taken to the hospital due to the severity of his tortures, finally managed to escape from the country and save his life.

Hassan, who has gone through many difficult situations in the past year, but unfortunately, he has lost many of his teeth.

Hasan’s gums and mouth have become infected, which can lead to his death if medical attention is not given to his condition.

In this campaign, we plan to pay for the restoration of his teeth by collecting grants and also to create a small job for him, so that he can resume his life in his asylum process and independently and without the need to receive financial support. Live from other organizations and groups.

Note: All the collected amount will reach Hassan Firouzi and all the progress of the work will be published in the form of a video report.

The collected amount of 2,630 euros was sent to Hassan Firouzi

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