On the 9th of Bahman 1401, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 on the Richter scale shook the city of Khoy and caused a lot of damage.

Considering that many people in Khoi city and surrounding villages needed support. Our friends in the country moved to Khoy city to help the earthquake victims, so that by collecting people’s aid and supporting the earthquake victims, they can stop the spread of casualties and damage caused by this natural disaster.

According to the reports received from the earthquake-hit area, people in need:
1- Warm clothes (jacket, socks, shoes, etc.)
2- Picnic and heating equipment
3- Baby clothes and powdered milk, sanitary pads
4-Food items (bread, canned food, etc.)
5-Detergents, tent, nylon, tarpaulin, poncho, sleeping bag.
6- Condos for temporary accommodation of families with special status (with disabled children/elderly/unaccompanied women or head of the family) whose houses have been severely damaged and a significant period of time is required to rebuild the house.

We managed to create conditions abroad by issuing a call to send cash aid to aid workers in the region so that friends can buy more equipment and distribute it among the needy.

The amount collected so far is 1600 euros.

A final report will be published at the end of the period of assistance to the people of Khoi city and its surrounding villages.

You can send your donations to the association’s account number:

Aktion für menschenrechte e.V

IBAN: DE85217500000166280941


Verwendungszweck: Stadt Khoy

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