Hassan Firouzi's life is in danger.

Unfortunately, we found out that Hassan Firouzi, a young protester who was forced to leave his homeland and live as an asylum seeker in one of Iran’s neighboring countries, was taken to the hospital a while ago after internal bleeding, and after various tests, it was determined that he had colon cancer. is infected

Hasan currently does not have any medical insurance and must pay all medical expenses personally and freely.

In the hours when he is physically able to work, Hassan makes hand-made bracelets so that he can sell them to cover part of his medical expenses.

To help Hassan, we put his products for sale in the online store of the association so that you can buy the products you want. These products will be sent to you by us.


Note: All the money you paid will be used to pay for Hassan Firouzi’s medical expenses without deducting any expenses.


Also, the association has launched a campaign, so that people, if they wish, can send the desired amount either through a bank account or PayPal to support the treatment process of Hassan Firouzi.

Since all the costs of Hasan Firouzi’s treatment have not yet been determined, so this campaign has no ceiling, but all the costs will be included under this text to reassure our dear donors.

You can also send your donations to the NGO’s bank account.

Please write in English in the explanation section: Save Hasan Firouzi

Aktion für menschenrechte e.V




Save Hassan Firouzi

Hasan Firouzi's treatment steps

Saving the life of Hassan Firouzi

To save Hassan Firouzi’s life This campaign was successfully completed https://youtu.be/XDV9WfuQnjE Hasan Firouzi was arrested on November 5, 1401 by the forces of the Islamic

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