It is a shame and embarrassment in Iran, which has 9% of the world’s natural resources and only 1% of the world’s people live in it, there are families who are forced to live in capers.
Our aid workers in Iran met a family whose breadwinner died, and now his wife and two young children are forced to live in poverty and have no source of income to cover their daily food expenses.
We tried to send them one million Tomans as an initial measure to support this family and we are trying to provide conditions so that this woman and her two children can return under one roof as soon as possible and we can find a suitable job for the housewives. A woman can support herself and her children.
Undoubtedly, without your companionship and support, we neither have the possibility nor can we support those who need our help today.
Hoping for more companionship and cooperation from you dear ones.

This report will be completed…

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