Considering the economic situation in Iran and the fact that many people in deprived areas have lost the ability to buy clothes. We, the activists of the Action for humanity, decided to request Iranians abroad by announcing the company to donate their second-hand clothes. Give milk to the needy lips.

Fortunately, in less than 72 hours, more than 400 kg of clothes were sent by Iranians from Kiel, Hamburg and Cologne. We contacted Future post global postal company to send this amount of clothes. The postal company announced that they will charge 2 euros from the forum for sending each kilogram of our goods. Considering that the balance of the fund was only 185 euros on March 2, 2023, we managed to send only 88 kg of the goods in the warehouse to Iran.

You can support the campaign by donating your clothes to:

Aktion für Menschenrechte e.V.
Ritterstr. 21,
24939 Flensburg


send, so that we will collect and send them to Iran, and distribute the clothes and game accessories among the needy.
You can also help needy families in cash.
Community account number

Aktion für menschenrechte e.V

IBAN: DE85217500000166280941



sole providers women

Or you can support the female heads of the family through the PayPal link of the NGO:

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